Faction’s February Athlete of the Month – JESSICA DONDEVILLE!

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Jessica Dondeville is by far one of our finest competition athletes. That’s why it was way past time to honor her as our Athlete of the Month.

And what more perfect month than February, as we approach…CROSSFIT OPEN SEASON!!!

Jess is a fierce competitor and a dedicated part of Team faction. She serves as a mentor to many of our newer comp. cycle athletes, always providing guidance, enthusiasm, encouragement and just enough push to help them get through even the toughest WOD.

She’s also a wife and a mom to two lovely little ladies. She balances home life, two part time jobs, and a rigorous training schedule like a boss. She’s an example to us all and, once again, we are super-duper proud to announce that Jessica Dondeville is our February 2017 Athlete of the Month!

Read on to be inspired and to see some of the best fitnessy-action shots we’ve given you in quite a while. Go, go, JESS!!!

Name: Jessica Dondeville

Age: 37

Hometown: Memphis TN

Occupation: Part-time preschool teacher and coach at Crossfit Chickasaw

Favorite WOD/metcon: Anything that involves box jumps or light weight barbell cycling

Favorite lift: Squat Clean

Favorite cheat meal: Homemade baked goods: Cake, cupcakes, cookies.

Athletic background: I grew up playing church basketball (if that even counts), and I played co-ed soccer.

Hobbies/interests outside of the gym: I love to work in the yard!! If it’s landscaping, cutting the grass, or just cleaning out the flowerbed, I love it!

How long have you been Crossfitting? Since Feb 2014

How long have you been at Faction S&C/Crossfit Memphis? Since Feb 2014

Left to right, Nate Parrish, Teresa McDaniel, and Jessica and Gregg Dondeville at Crossfit Hit and Run’s Holiday Comp. THEY TOOK SECOND, BTW!

How did you find Crossfit? A friend at church told me about a Groupon he was getting and pressured me into buying it.

How has Crossfit changed your life? Having not even been on a school sports team, I feel like Crossfit has allowed me to express athletic abilities I didn’t know I had. I feel like I have become a more confident person in my daily life.

Jessica at the Greater Gateway Games in August. Photo courtesy of the Greater Gateway Games.

What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal? I feel like I have had many big achievements so far, from my first PR lift, to that first double under, all the way to that first muscle up. But for me, I honestly feel like the biggest achievement personally is being able to be a wife, a mom, and still make time to come in and crush some workouts! My next big goal is to do an individual competition. I have done 6 Team competitions all over different states but have always been too chicken to do one on my own.

Jess recovering after a WOD at Crossfit Conway’s team comp. in October. Photo courtesy of HerPhotographie.

What is your favorite thing about Faction? I love the people at Faction. From day one, everyone has been so welcoming and loving towards my kids and me, even when they may get in the way or cause a scene.  It basically feels like my second home.  If I’m not at the gym, then I have people texting me asking me where I am.

Faction’s Team at Battle of the Barbells in November. Jess is pictured second from front left.

Have any advice for new members? Don’t be intimidated and BE CONSISTENT! When I first walked into the gym on fundamentals night I looked over at the competition side and thought to myself, “I hope these guys don’t watch me workout and make a fool of myself.”  I thought there was no way I would ever be as good as these athletes or lift the weights these guys did. But showing up day in and day out and committing myself to the process, it started happening. So stick with it and count every victory/PR, whether it be small or large, as another step forward to reaching whatever goals you have made for yourselves.

Jess and Team Faction RX (l to r: Nate, Jess, Matt L., and Shereen) at The Greater Gateway Games in August. Photo courtesy of The Greater Gateway Games.

Is there anything you want to add? Tell us an interesting tidbit about you.

If you can’t already tell, I am competitive to a fault. If it’s an easier skill work EMOM day, I’ll find a way to make it a competition between the people I workout with. A lot of this comes from having three brothers and them beating me at most things growing up. But now, they couldn’t come close to being able to do what I can do.  –J

Jess competing at Crossfit Conway. Photo courtesy of Herphotographie.
Jess and Knolton, comp face!
Jess and Team (at right, with Coach Mike, Kenzie, and Kyle Garner) took 3rd at the Natural State Throwdown at Crossfit Conway. Photo courtesy of Herphotographie.
Jess with that split jerk at the Crossfit Conway comp. Photo courtesy of Herphotographie.
Jess and Shereen with THE MAN, THE MYTH (and 4 time Crossfit Games men’s champ, and 2 time team champ)…Rich Froning at the Mayhem for Mustardseed comp.
Jessica with her two adorable doppelgängers, minus sweaty gym clothes.