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Welcome to Faction Strength and Conditioning. If you’re visiting our site for the first time, chances are you’re ready to really, seriously, finally get in shape. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve designed our training system to really, seriously and finally get you to make fitness a part of your life – not just an occasional pit stop. We do this with our Faction fitness methodology – a hybrid of traditional personal training and CrossFit.

We believe that in order for you to make coming into our gym one of the best parts of your day, we need to identify your true personal goals and create a tailored game plan just for you which still allows you to train in that great communal setting that CrossFit Memphis is known for.

We also understand that functional fitness may seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before, which is why we will first enroll you in Faction Fundamentals, a beginners course we developed for people who are new to CrossFit. Faction Fundamentals has been so effective in on-ramping new members that it has been duplicated at dozens of other CrossFit boxes across the U.S. This makes us very happy. Our mission is to change lives, and we’re thrilled that our reach can expand so much farther than the immediate Memphis area.

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Located in Cordova, TN, Faction Strength and Conditioning is housed in a spacious 6,300 sq/ft training facility which allows ample room for group classes, specialty courses, and one-on-one training. We have all the necessary equipment and apparatus you need to train competitively, an outdoor training area, Olympic weightlifting platforms, large changing rooms, and much more. Come on in and check us out!

  • Angela’s Story

    Angela had never stepped foot in a gym before visiting Faction Strength and Conditioning. Today, she doesn't see it as a workout - it's her new hobby that fuels her and gives her the energy to take on life. "I tell everyone that asks me about CrossFit to come to…

  • David J.

    Prior to joining Faction, David Jones was an endurance athlete who competed in multiple triathlons and a marathon which brought him at 6'0 down to just 160 lbs. Soon thereafter, he experienced rapid weight gain to make up for the loss and shot up to an unhealthy 212 lbs. David…

  • Dana W.

    Dana joined Faction with a fear common to a CrossFit newbie - that she'd be thrown right into class with a bunch of athletes who have been training for a while and look like a "wussy." She was happy to find she was able to learn the basics of CrossFit…