Faction’s Athlete of the YEAR – WAYNE CLARK!

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Okay, so we are BEYOND proud to announce, once again, that 6pm’s Wayne Clark is our ATHLETE OF THE YEAR!

Wayne was nominated for this honor by his own 6pm class. When the class approached us with the idea, we totally wished we’d thought of it first. Wayne epitomizes so much of what we’re about at Faction – “commitment” and “community,” in particular.

Wayne joined us just 10 months ago. In that time, he’s made outstanding progress, from increasingly being able to lift big weight, to getting his first pull-up, to losing a staggering amount of weight (see below to see just how much he’s lost).

Additionally, he’s at the center of a great group of friends who comprise our 6pm class. This group trains together and hangs together, inside and outside the gym. They are the embodiment of a community within our community.

So, on Friday, January 13th, after a couple weeks of super secretive planning with members of the 6pm class, we honored (and at least slightly embarrassed) Wayne with a surprise evening dedicated to him. Our Coach Kurt suggested we call the event “Making it Wayne,” and Wayne we made it. 😉

Check out Wayne’s award, handcrafted by our own Megan Collins, and more from his big evening.

The man of the hour/year with his lovingly made award

After surprise party dinner at Eat Well, Wayne’s favorite spot for sushi!


Also, of course, after the event, we asked Wayne to complete an Athlete Profile, and he obliged.

With that, learn more about Wayne below, and check out some pretty cool pics of Wayne and the 6pm-ers after that!

Wayne, we love you man! Keep on doing what you do!


Name: Wayne Clark

Age: “Irrelevant”

Hometown: Coventry, Rhode Island

Occupation: Software Architect

Favorite WOD/metcon: “Helen.” She was my first = ]

Favorite lift: Back Squat

Favorite cheat meal: SUSHI!

Athletic background: High school wrestling and football

Hobbies/interests outside of the gym: Playing guitar and piano

How long have you been Crossfitting? 10 months


How did you find Crossfit?

A couple years ago, I was channel surfing and caught the 2015 Games. I was amazed at what I was watching, what these people were capable of. I knew I had to get involved.

How has Crossfit changed your life?

So much so that I can’t imagine my life without it. It’s the high point of my day to hang out and train with the people I call family.

What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal?

 After 10 months of training I’ve dropped about 80 lbs.

More to love (but even more lovable now): Wayne “before” he joined us at Faction

I’m currently doing some supplemental endurance work so I can do Murph solo in May, After that, I start training for the St. Jude’s half-marathon.

What is your favorite thing about Faction? All of it. From the workouts to the coaches and my teammates.

Have any advice for new members?

Don’t be intimidated by what you see going on. We all started somewhere and some start further back in the pack then others (***raises hand). Just show up, participate and let the magic happen.

Is there anything you want to add? Tell us an interesting tidbit about you.

When I was 17, my friend Geoff needed a hand working on his car. We tore the whole thing apart. Ripped out the engine, exhaust, tires, transmission, the works…

When it came time to redo the exhaust, we had the tires off and the rims sitting on metal milk crates. I was underneath the car, fishing the pipes along the body, and Geoff was taking it once it got to the wheel well. On the second pipe, the milk crate collapsed, and the differential came within an inch of my throat.

The only thing that stopped it was Geoff’s shoulder, which was then jammed in the wheel well. We screamed, his father flew into the garage, grabbed my legs and yanked me from under the car. Geoff’s Dad and I picked up the car to get Geoff out and then dropped it to the ground.

That was the last car I ever worked on.

And here’s those extra photos we promised. Keep making it Wayne…ALL…YEAR…LONG, Man!

The man, the myth…and a well deserved bucket of popcorn