What I really think about this picture

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Let me begin by telling you that this is not edited. I was so inspired by this picture, I had to capture the article on my phone. What you are reading is an on the spot, voice memo, personal interview with myself.

When I saw this picture for the first time I was like HOLY MOLY, who in the heck is that? I had to take a double take to make sure that it was Megan. This picture captures a lot of things all at once. Here’s what I see…


  1. The picture captures a moment of hard work. Hard work is something that doesn’t grow on trees, hard work has to be earned. When I think about how much hard work Megan has put in, how much effort she put into the gym, how far she’s come since walking in with a friend, totally blind to the fact that one day she would be total beast mode. I respect that so much, because when I see the result of hard work and the effects that it has on our athletes, it motivates me. I am motivated to work harder, to provide the best opportunity and environment for growth in the gym.
  2. The second thing I see is a perfect balance of coaching. On one hand, Jordan has a close and watchful eye on perfect movement mechanics, so that he can pull her out of there any time things get a little shaky. On the other hand, his body language states that he’s going to let her go as far as she wants to go,  to allow her to find her limits and push boundaries as she wants. This ties into the awesome fact that he has no control over what’s going to happen next, maybe a little influence on the weight, but no real control over what she will decide to do today. The question is, will she decide to give it a little effort or give it a lot of effort, and what factors go into that decision.
  3. Another thing that I noticed about the picture is the support from the community. In this moment it seems by looking at this photo that everything else stood still in that exact moment. You see a little bit a grit and grind in her face,  the coach is as still as a mouse, and the other athletes in the class have stopped what they are doing, to turn their attention. Everyone in this moment will witness one of the greatest moments that Megan will remember in the gym, by hitting that PR (personal record).
  4. The last thing is determination, this is hard to catch. Some may not even notice or understand what I’m talking about. The only reason that I know is because I’ve worked with athletes for a very long time, and see it every time it happens. The look in her eyes tells me that she is not going to give up. It tells me that once the bar is moving it will never stop. It tells me that she will not settle for mediocrity. It tells me that just “giving it a try” is not enough.

I hope that you take a couple things from this picture I have, I can’t brag enough about how proud I am to see one of our athletes take the time to dedicate themselves to excellence and the pursuit of always getting better. Here’s to many more memories to come Megan, keep crushing it!