Meet Faction’s Newest Coach, Kurt Mullican

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You may know Kurt from Barbell Shrugged. You may have seen him in the gym. We want to formally welcome Coach Kurt to Faction. WELCOME, KURT!!!

We also want to give you all the opportunity to know the man a bit better. Find out how Kurt found Crossfit and learn about the journey that led this witty, free spirited, tatted guy to our doorstep. Read on!

“In 2009, I began CrossFit by learning how to do a wallball shot and throwing up grape flavoered pre-workout into a tiny wastebasket in the “free weights” section of a community gym in my hometown of Lebanon TN.

I was obsessed, and the next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Vegas to take my L1. Fast forward a couple of years, and I was opening my affiliate.

I used to mop the mats on Sunday while watching that week’s episode of Shrugged. When I heard they were doing the Muscle Gain Challenge, I immediately signed up. In the year following, I did several weightlifting meets, began working part-time for Barbell Shrugged, and was on top of the world.

I spent the next year training in weightlifting and competing, getting my USAW cert, Eleiko Strength Coach Cert, and coaching the Muscle Gain Challenge, as well as Flight Weightlifting full-time.

About a year ago, I sold my affiliate and have worked from home ever since. I got really good at making coffee and dancing in the kitchen in my underwear.

Under the “wonder what’s next” category of mental notes I carry, there was moving to Memphis to be closer to my friends and coworkers. That was at the top of the list for a good while. A few chats with David and Mike Bledsoe later, I packed as little as possible and moved my whole world to Memphis…

and I couldn’t be happier about it.”