Faction’s May 2017 Athlete of the Month – Arvind Ramesh

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We’re stoked to announce that PM class faithful, Arvind Ramesh is our May 2017 Athlete of the Month.

And what more proper way to celebrate Mother’s Day 2017 than to see Arvind give credit to his mom (A.M. class member, Priya Ramesh) for helping him begin his Crossfit journey.

So folks, if you haven’t had the pleasure of training with Arvind just yet, let us tell you just how awesome this guy is. For one, he’s a double-under wonder. Few people pick up this skill as quickly and as efficiently as Arvind, who mastered DU’s in mere days. Also, he’s a hard worker who’s dedicated to keeping a very regular training regimen. We love it when new athletes come in and take full advantage of their time at Faction. Arvind does just that. He attends most every day of the week and works diligently with his coaches to get better each and every day.

We’re so incredibly proud of all that Arvind’s accomplished in his short time at Faction. And we cannot wait to see what this guy does in time. We know great things are in store for you, Arvind! We’re excited to be along for the ride!

Name: Arvind Ramesh

Age: 15

Hometown: Cordova, TN

Occupation: Student

Favorite WOD/metcon: “D.T.”

Favorite lift: Power Snatch

Favorite cheat meal: Pizza

Athletic background: Competitive tennis player from the age of 7

Hobbies/interests outside of the gym: Tennis, playing the violin, video games

How long have you been Crossfitting? 4 months

How long have you been at Faction S&C/Crossfit Memphis? 4 months

How did you find Crossfit?

My mom started Crossfit at Faction in January 2016. She said she really loved it, and she was seeing major progress. I was looking for a way to workout everyday and improve my physical fitness and my tennis game, so I decided to join too.

How has Crossfit changed your life?

I started seeing major results in the first 2 months. My biceps gained muscle and my chest started to pop out more. I noticed I started to endure longer on the tennis court and I became really toned. I was more awake during school and felt really accomplished after working out every day. Crossfit has definitely changed my life for the better.

What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal?

I have done 5 sets of 3 each of back squats at 125 lbs. My next big goal is to increase the amount of weight in all of the weightlifting exercises by 50 lbs.

What is your favorite thing about Faction?

My favorite thing about Faction is the people. All of the coaches are really hardworking and knowledgeable about so many things, such as how much to lift, how to lift, and what parts of your body to work on everyday. The members at Faction are all so nice and encouraging. It is good to know we are all here to help each other to improve ourselves so we can all lead better lives.

Have any advice for new members?


I wouldn’t have gotten this far in my physique in only four months if I had not come every day and put in my 110% effort. If you dedicate yourself and know that you can do it, then you will see progress quickly.

Is there anything you want to add? Tell us an interesting tidbit about you.

 I’ve played the violin since I was three years old.