Faction’s August 2017 Athlete of the Month – Kenzie Stewart

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Kenzie is kind of the total fitness package, y’all.

Not only is she one of our newest competition athletes, she’s one of our finest. And at only 21 years old, the sky’s the limit for this one.

In the past couple years, this lifelong athlete’s dabbled in figure completion (she’s one shredded IIFYM machine, yo) and powerlifting. But she found her fitness home in Crossfit and right here at Faction S&C.

We are beyond psyched to highlight Kenzie this month, as she preps to represent the home team in the Rx Women’s division at the upcoming Faction Games, only her second individual Crossfit comp.

Learn more about this super fit, super sweet lady by reading on.

Congrats on all your hard work, Kenzie! And go get some at the Faction Games! Can’t wait to watch you do your thing!

Name: Kenzie Stewart
Age: 21

Hometown: Good ole’ Memphis
Occupation: Nursing student
Favorite WOD/metcon: Diane and basically anything with HSPU or handstand walks
Favorite lift: Snatchies all day

Favorite cheat meal: A ridiculous amount of Menchies

Athletic background: I played soccer from age 4 through high school and also ran track and cross country in high school. After that crazy amount of running, I got stress fractures in both shins; so I was unable to do any weight bearing exercises on my legs for about 6 months. This led me to bro lifting, aka bodybuilding.

About a year and a half later, I did a bikini competition, which was not really my thing; so I switched to powerlifting and did a powerlifting meet about 6 months later; also not my thing. Right after that, I switched to CrossFit and have been doing it ever since.

Hobbies/interests outside of the gym: Basically all outdoor fitness activities: Hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, biking, rock-climbing, swimming. Also, sometimes, I don’t workout and like to eat and sleep.

How long have you been Crossfitting? I have been Crossfitting since May 2016, so about 15 months.

How long have you been at Faction S&C/Crossfit Memphis?  Same; since May 2016

How did you find Crossfit? I have followed The Games for a few years now, but never knew of a good place to try CrossFit. When I found Barbell Shrugged and figured out they were from a gym in Memphis, I knew their gym would be legit, and I wanted to get involved. I have not been disappointed.

2016 Greater Gateway Games, photo by ScissorTail Photography

How has Crossfit changed your life? CrossFit is something I am truly passionate about and something I can pour myself into completely. It’s the perfect way to de-stress from school/life, and it just allows me to get out of my head for a few hours a day.

Kenzie with the Faction crew at 2016’s G3 Games. Kenzie pictured at top, third from left

 What is your biggest achievement so far, and what is your next big goal?  I’d say finally being able to do ring muscle ups felt like the biggest breakthrough. My next big goal is to do well in the Faction Games, as well as Battle of the Barbells later this year.

Kenzie rowing with big sister from another mister and training partner, Jessica D.

What is your favorite thing about Faction? The people! I’ve become friends with so many people that I would have otherwise never crossed paths with, and I can’t imagine the gym without them.

Have any advice for new members? Do not be intimidated! We all started not knowing what we were doing, so you don’t have to be “good” to start. Also, I know some of us look scary, but I promise we’re all really nice.

G3 (Greater Gateway Games), summer 2016

Is there anything you want to add? Tell us an interesting tidbit about you. When I was 16, I broke my jaw and had to have my mouth wired shut for 6 weeks. So, silver lining: Comparatively, no situation is really that terrible.